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[CASE STUDY] Buck Naked Soap Company - Divine Feminine eCommerce Launch

Buck Naked Soap Company Photoshoot - Creative Director Dominique Bouchard, Photographer Jesseka Melanie


Buck Naked Soap Company was launching a brand new product line called the Divine Feminine Collection. When they reached out to me they were looking to establish their small-batch, vegan soap company as a brand that "stands for something". Creating Instagram content that is "not afraid to 'go there" when speaking about social change" and remains true to the name, referring to unadulterated, vulnerable and radical transparency.


This new product line highlighted divine femininity as it existed in all gendered and genderless individuals and it was important to have this portrayed. Up to this point the brand's Instagram feed had a homogenous look. Their Pride month content had performed fairly well with impressions up by 7.5% from the previous month.


Staying true to the brand's reputation of going against the norm, and their goals of speaking out against social injustice through vulnerability and transparent content - we designed a launch campaign featuring every QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, people of colour) individuals who actually use the products.

Showcasing everyday people, including influencers, using the products and providing examples of how all of us can honour our inner Divine Feminine, this campaign would raise awareness about the upcoming product launch.



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